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Director/Screenwriter/Actress, Madrid (Spain)

Lola Rùi

Lola Rùi is a director, screenwriter and actress known for "Ecclesiastes" (2020, USA) and "The Door" (2018, USA). She studied acting with Jorge Eines (Madrid) and Susan Batson (New York). She she has written, performed and directed theater and film. She was selected as a jury member in the IX Iberoamerican Short Film Festival (FIBABC, 2019).


As a Director, she has garnered over 60 awards and 20 nominations in the USA, Canada, India, Japan, UK, Germany and Italy, with the short films "The Door" (2018, USA) and "Ecclesiastes" (2020, USA). Notable among these are the Best First Time Director at "Top Shorts Film Festival" with the psychological thriller "The Door" (2018, USA) and the Best Female Director Platinum Award at "Independent Shorts Awards" and the Best Film of the Festival at "300 Seconds Short Film Festival", both with the short film "Ecclesiastes" (2020, USA), a dystopic science fiction short film.


As a Screenwriter, she has been recognized with the Best Original Screenplay Award at "Indie Shorts Fest", the Outstanding Screen Story Award at "Zed Fest Film Festival", the Best Faith-Based Spiritual Inspirational Award at "Global Independent Film Awards" and Best Original Idea Awards at "Independent Shorts Awards" and "Top Indie Film Awards", all of them with the short film "Ecclesiastes" (2020, USA).

As an Actress, it’s remarkable her leading role in "Mary Magdalene" opened at the historical 13th Street Repertory Theater in New York City. She has received 9 Awards at international film festivals including Best Actress at the "21st Bare Bones International Independent Film Festival" and "Best Shorts Competition" for her role in the short film "The Door" (2018, USA), and Best Actress in fantasy-thriller film at the “Actors Awards” and “Best Actors Award” for her role in the short film Family (2019, Spain).

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